photo (1)We stock a wide range of fertilizers suitable for all applications at competitive prices,
We can deliver for free when customers avail of our gps guided spreading service :please see more about this in our contracting section
Our most popular blends are as follows

Urea contains 46% nitrogen very high in nitrogen suitable for early spreading when soil temperatures are slightly lower, it may also be used in summertime at half the rate as a substitute for can provided the soil contains some moisture.

Can /Sulphur Can contains 27% nitrogen. Can is an extremely good summertime seller used to top up silage and grazing ground. We also stock Can + sulphur popular with our dairy customers
27 2.5 5 / 24 2.2 4.5 pasture sward both these have a strong pasture properties suitable for all grazing ground.

24 2.5 10 cut sward an excellent fertilizer for growing grass on silage ground, it delivers best growth when used as a standalone fertilizer

18 6 12 A good solid seller used for a spring starting base to be followed later in the year with Can. 18 6 12 can also be used as an alternative to 10 10 20 for reseeding grass or barley.

10 10 20 Primary fertilizer used for reseeding but can be substituted for 18 6 12 also

G LIME we also stock and spread granulated lime, in recent years it is becoming more and more popular as a fast acting lime, Granulated limes instant release properties makes it ideal for using with direct seeding (see our direct seeding in contracting) it can also be spread little and often which aids in grass management. A soil testing service is also available on request

We also offer some of the above products with trace elements please e-mail or call us for details and a quote

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