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Graze Well is a major seller for ACORN Merchants. It is a performance, energy-dense feed, containing a unique blend of cereals & high energy digestible fibre ingredients. This ‘complete feed package’ works extremely well & has been developed over the years through working closely with our more discerning dairy customers. The ideal supplementary feed for high yielding herds pushing to maintain milk compositional quality & get cows back in calf at grass.
Typical Analysis
Cr. Protein 15%
Cr. Fat 4.5%
Cr. Fibre 9.5%
Cr. Ash 8.5%
ME; 11.2 Mj/kg


A ‘value for money’ feed, which is ‘head & shoulders’ above the many least cost formulated feeds on the market. Supplies the essential nutrients needed to maintain milk yield & being high in digestible fibre will slow down the rate of passage & reduce the incidence of scouring on lush grass. Designed to deliver the full Teagasc recommended trace element & vitamin levels for a dairy cow at a 2 – 3 kilo feeding rate.
Typical Analysis
Cr. Protein 14%
Cr. Fat 3.5%
Cr. Fibre 12.5%
Cr. Ash 9.0%
ME; 10.6 Mj/kg


A very economical dairy nut for dairy cows on Spring Grass.
Typical Analysis
Cr. Protein 13%
Cr. Fat 3.5%
Cr. Fibre 14.0%
Cr. Ash 10.0.0%
ME; 10.3 Mj/kg

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